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Full Professor and Chairholder
Chair of Strategic Entrepreneurship
at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management (Germany)

Thami Ghorfi Chair Professorship of Strategic
Entrepreneurship and Change Management 
at Woxsen University Hyderabad (India)


Academic Positions:

Full Professor and Chairholder of Strategic Entrepreneurship at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management
(since 2023)

Head of Strategic Entrepreneurship Research Group 

(since 2020)

Academic Lead DIGITAL SPACE - The HHL Digital Transformation Platform

(since 2019)

Thami Ghorfi Chair Professorship for Strategic Entrepreneurship & Change Management

(since 2022)

Assistant/Associate Professor in Strategic Entrepreneurship (German: Juniorprofessor)


University Affiliations:

HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management (Germany)
ESCP Europe (Germany/France)

GSEM Ural Federal University Yekaterinburg (Russia - activities paused since 02/2022)

Institute of Management Technology (IMT) Nagpur (India)

University of Business Wroclaw (Poland)

University of Mannheim, Mannheim Business School (Germany)

Woxsen University, School of Business Hyderabad (India)

Teaching Focus:
Strategic Management, Business Strategy, Corporate Strategy, Digital Entrepreneurship, Business Modeling, Innovation Management, Project Management, Problem Solving

Academy of Management (AOM), European Academy of Management (EURAM),
Strategic Management Society (SMS), German Academic Association for Business Research (VHB)


Editorial Positions:

Review of Managerial Science (Associate Editor; SJR: Q1, IF: 5.5)

European Journal of Innovation Management (Associate Editor; SJR: Q1, IF: 5.1)

Journal of Organizational Change Management (Associate Editor; SJR: Q2, IF: 2.8)

Academic Background:

Full Professor Qualification (2022)

Doctoral Degree, Strategic Management (2016)

M.Sc., General Management (2012)

B.Sc., International Business (2010)


Practical Background:

Strategy Consulting (6 years)

Corporate (3 years)

Co-Founder (since 2020)



HHL Faculty Profile




Web of Science


Selected Publications in Peer-Reviewed Academic Journals

A-ranked publications (VHB: A+/A or ABS: 4 or SJR: Q1):

Antonio, J., & Kanbach, D. K. (2023). Contextual factors of disruptive innovation: A systematic review and framework, Technological Forecasting & Social Change, published online:

Antonio, J., Schmidt, A., Kanbach, D. K., & Meyer, N. (2023). Enacting disruption: how entrepreneurial ventures innovate value propositions to increase the attractiveness of their technologies, International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research, forthcoming.

Balz, F., Brinkmann, F. & Kanbach, D. K. (2023). The impact of independent and heterogeneous corporate venture capital on firm efficiency, Journal of Business Venturing Insights, published online:


Burger, B., Kanbach, D. K., Kraus, S., Breier, M. and Corvello, V. (2023). On the use of AI-based tools like ChatGPT to support management research, European Journal of Innovation Management, 26(7), 233-241.

Frey, P., & Kanbach, D. K. (2023). Design dimensions of corporate venture capital programs - a systematic literature review. Management Review Quarterly, published online:


Glade, C., Kesting, P., Smolinski, R., & Kanbach D.K. (2023). Differences between habitual and novice entrepreneurs in funding negotiations, International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research, published online:

Greimel, N. S., Kanbach D. K., & Chelaru, M. (2023). Virtual teams and transformational leadership: An integrative literature review and avenues for further research. Journal of Innovation & Knowledge, published online:

Hoffmann, A., Kanbach, D. K., & Stubner, S. (2023). Entrepreneurship through acquisition: a scoping review. Management Review Quarterly, published online:

Hofmeister, J., Kanbach, D. K., & Hogreve, J. (2023a). Measuring and managing service productivity: a meta-analysis. Review of Managerial Science, published online:

Hofmeister, J., Kanbach, D. K., & Hogreve, J. (2023b). Service productivity: a systematic review of a dispersed research area. Management Review Quarterly, published online:

Jorzik, P., Yigit, A. Kanbach, D. K., Kraus, S. & Dabic, M. (2023). Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Business Model Innovation: Competencies and Roles of Top Management. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, published online:

Kanbach, D. K., Heiduk, L., Blueher, G., Schreiter, M., & Lahmann, A. (2023). The GenAI is out of the bottle: generative artificial intelligence from a business model innovation perspective. Review of Managerial Science, published online:

Kramer, A., & Kanbach, D. K. (2023). Relationship-building in the post-acceleration phase of corporate accelerators: empirical evidence from Germany. International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal, published online:

Lange, F., Peters, A., Kanbach, D. K. & Kraus, S. (2023). Characteristics of Platform Providers in Collaborative Consumption: Derivation of Four Archetypes. Management Decision, forthcoming.

Lange, F., Tomini, N., Brinkmann, F., Kanbach, D. K. & Kraus, S. (2023). Demystifying massive and rapid business scaling -An explorative study on driving factors in digital start-ups, Technological Forecasting & Social Change, published online:

Leemann, N., & Kanbach, D. K. (2023). Cognitive biases in resource cognition: evidence from action research. Management Decision, published online:

Nguyen, L., & Kanbach, D. K. (2023). Toward a view of integrating corporate sustainability into strategy: A systematic literature review. Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, published online:


Roppelt, J., Kanbach, D. K., & Kraus. S. (2024). Artificial intelligence in healthcare institutions: A systematic literature review on influencing factors, Technology in Society, 76,

Weiss, L., & Kanbach, D. K. (2023). Leveraging new business innovation for strategic renewal: An organizational framework for strategic corporate venturing. Creativity and Innovation Management, published online:

Weiss, L., Kanbach, D. K., Kraus S., & Dabic, M. (2023). Strategic corporate venturing in interlinked ambidextrous units: An exploratory model. European Management Journal, published online:



B-ranked publications (VHB: B or ABS: 3 or SJR: Q2):

Brinkmann, F., & Kanbach, D. K. (2023). Hypercompetition in venture capital: implications and competitive advantage strategies for VC funds. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Venturing, 15(5), 423-444.

Burger, B., Kanbach, D. K., & Kraus, S. (2023). The role of narcissism in entrepreneurial activity: A systematic literature review. Journal of Enterprising Communities: People and Places in the Global Economy, published online:

Doerr, L., Fliege, K., Lehmann, C., Kanbach D.K., & Kraus, S. (2023). A taxonomy on influencing factors towards Digital Transformation in SMEs. Journal of Small Business Strategy, 33(1), 53-69.

Schuster A.S., & Kanbach D.K. (2024). Power and organizations: how organization types link to power relationships—a state of the field. International Studies of Management & Organization,

Schuster, T., Brunner, T. J. J., Schneider, M. H. G., Lehmann, C., & Kanbach, D. K. (2023). Leading in the digital age: Conceptualizing digital leadership and its influence on service innovation performance. International Journal of Innovation Management. Published online:

Yigit, A., & Kanbach, D. K. (2023). The significance of technology-driven entrepreneurship activities: Lessons from SMEs operating in the manufacturing industry. Cogent Business & Management, 10(1).

C-ranked publications (VHB: C or ABS: 2 or SJR: Q3):

Seiferlein, B., & Kanbach, D.K. (2023). Business Model Innovation through Open Innovation: Empirical Evidence from the Automotive Industry, Journal of Business Strategies, 40(1), 37-52.

Seiferlein, B., Kanbach, D.K., & Lehmann, C. (2023). Internal antecedents for systematic business model innovation: insights from the German automotive manufacturers, International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, 27(1/2), 19-50

Teaching Case Studies:

Gernsheimer, O., & Kanbach, D. K. (2023). The Agrochemical And Seed Industry: Leveraging Coopetition For Breakthrough Innovation, Ivey Publishing,

Weiss, L., & Kanbach, D. K. (2023). Freeletics: Strategic Corporate Venturing in A Digital Scale-Up, Ivey Publishing,

Other publications:

Hoffmann, A., Kanbach, D.K., & Wykes-Sneyd, T.  (2023). The Data-Creativity Nexus: Shaping the Future of Marketing in the Age of Artificial Intelligence, Marketing Review St. Gallen, (6), 14-20.


Selected Academic Conference Contributions

Virtual Working And Team Motivation: Considerations For The LMX Model, 20th International Conference of Marco Biagi Foundation-University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, March 16-17, Modena, Italy (with M. Chelaru & N. Greimel)

Performing Open Innovation through Venture Clienting: A Guiding Principles Framework, 2023 ISPIM Conference, June 4-7, Ljubljana, Slovenia (with B. Mais & L. Weiss)

Turning digital: What does it mean for business model innovation and new product development?, 30th IPDMC: Innovation and Product Development Management Conference, June 7-9, Lecco, Italy (with M. Schneider)

Entrepreneurial negotiation: A systematic literature review of a nascent research field, 23rd International Conference on Group Decision and Negotiation, June 11-15, Tokyo, Japan (with C. Glade)

Adoption of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Institutions: A Systematic Literature Review on Influencing Factors, European Academy of Management (EURAM) Conference 2023, June 14-16, Dublin, Ireland (with J. Roppelt & S. Kraus)

Facilitating corporate sustainability integration: Innovation in German family firms, European Academy of Management (EURAM) Conference 2023, June 14-16, Dublin, Ireland (with L. Nguyen & S. Kraus)

Sustainable Corporate Entrepreneurship as a catalyst for sustainability in corporates – a systematic literature review, European Academy of Management (EURAM) Conference 2023, June 14-16, Dublin, Ireland (with C. Gerlich & S. Kraus)

Digital leadership and its impact on service innovation performance – A mixed-method approach, R&D Management Conference 2023, June 19-21, Sevilla, Spain (with T. Schuster, T. Brunner, M. Schneider & C. Lehmann)

Enacting Disruption: How Entrepreneurial Ventures Innovate Value Propositions To Increase The Attractiveness Of Their Technologies, ACIEK ESIC Conference 2023, June 21-23, Madrid, Spain (with J. Antonio & N. Meyer)

Digital, faster, better? How digital transformation relates to BMI and new product development, Academy of Management (AOM) Annual Meeting, August 4-8, Boston, USA (with M. Schneider)

The role of AI in achieving sustainability in corporates, ISPIM Connects 2023, December 11-13, Salzburg, Austria (with J. Schwaeke, C. Gerlich, J. Antonio)

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